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Pro PlanPuppy Sensitive Salmon & Rice

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Size: 14kg

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· Product Description

PRO PLAN's OptiStart helps bridge the immunity gap, giving your
puppy the best possible start in life.

Naturally, a puppy builds immunity from antibodies passed
through their mother's milk. Shortly after weaning, however,
this natural protection drops until his own immune systems
mature (at around 5 months). Purina's nutritionists and vets
have called this 'the immunity gap'.

PRO PLAN has formulated OptiStart to give your puppy the extra
protection all through 'the immunity gap'. OptiStart contains
milk protein with natural antibodies that help 'wake-up' his
immune system, enhancing it by as much as 50%*. The antibodies
balance the good and bad bacteria in his gut, thereby helping
to protect his delicate digestive system and helping to
increase his resistance to common puppy upsets such as

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