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Pets ChoicePets Choice Multisticks

5kg Special Order

Pets Choice Multisticks - complete and balanced food for all fresh water pond fish

Size: 5kg

RRP £21.50


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· Product Description

Pets Choice Multisticks are a complete and balanced food
for all fresh water pond fish including Koi Carp,Goldfish and
other ornamental fish.

HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE - Most pond fish are omnivorous and eat a
wide variety of food. Pets Choice Pond Food contains a specially
formulated blend of animal and vegetable proteins that provides
essential amino acids for healthy growth together with wheatgerm,
a highly digestible source or protein.

FLOATING - Encourages your fish to feed at the surface of the
pond for your enjoyment and prevents build-up of lost food at
the bottom of your pond.

NON-CLOUDING - The food is specially formulated to be highly
digestible to reduce water pollution and to prevent the break-up
and disintegration of the food in the water, keeping your pond
clear and well oxygenated.

WITH STABILISED VITAMIN C - Vitamin C builds up the disease
resistance and maximises the natural healing of abrasions and
wounds in your fish. Pets Choice Pond Food uses a special
stabilised form of the micronutrient that has been specifically
formulated and tested for use in aquatic feeds.

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