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James WellbelovedKitten - Fish & Rice 300g & 1.5kg From

James Wellbeloved - Kitten Fish & Rice 

 300g / 1.5kg Stocked Items

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This variety is perfect for kittens and nursing mothers in 3 important ways:

It is highly nutritious with extra protein and fat for growth and energy needs.

It is gentle on their digestion.

In fact, young animals can be prone to allergies because their allergic threshold may be lower. As all our cat food varieties are hypo-allergenic (including Kitten), our food can help make sure your kittens get the best start in life.

Our new Fish & Rice cat food is so delicious, it's almost indecent!  It must be the natural ingredients, and hypo-allergenic recipe, preserved with natural vitamin C and vitamin E anti-oxidants.  And with no artificial colours or flavours.

Cats can suffer from food allergies, giving rise to poor skin and coat condition,
and stomach problems.  The most common allergies are milk, beef, and wheat.  So, unlike most other brands, neither of our cat foods contains any of these problem ingredients.  And because duck is an uncommon protein source, it is perfect for a hypo- allergenic diet.

Natural, healthy ingredients.  No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Pure and hypo-allergenic. Special Omega-3 oils for a soft shiny coat. A natural approach to urinary tract health. The same delicious taste, right across the range.

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