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HillsAdult Mini - Chicken 2.5kg & 7kg From

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Canine Adult & Canine Adult Mini (formerly Canine Maintenance) Science Plan* 

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· Product Description

Science Plan* Canine Adult is formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of the moderately active adult dog from maturity  to 7 years of age.
The dry food Science Plan* Canine Adult Mini with Chicken has been developed using the same formula as Canine Adult with Chicken but with a smaller kibble size to suit dogs that prefer to eat smaller sized
pieces of dry food (primarily dogs under 25 kg , i.e. medium breeds and smaller).
Science Plan Canine Adult (dry) and Canine Adult Mini also contain a Superior Antioxidant Formula to reduce oxidative cell damage.


  • Cats.
  • Puppies.
  • Bitches from mid-pregnancy and in lactation. During pregnancy and in lactation bitches should be switched to Science Plan* Puppy or Science Plan* Puppy Mini. 
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