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Royal CaninX-Small Ageing +12

1.5 kg Special Order

Size: 1.5kg

RRP £10.89


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· Product Description

 Complete feed for dogs - For mature, very small breed dogs (weight up to 4 kg)

Over 12 years old

Vitality management
The content of nutrients in this formula helps maintain vitality in very small
breed dogs facing the first signs of ageing (cardiac and renal functions in
particular). X-SMALL MATURE +12 contains a patented complex of antioxidants.

HEALTHY TRANSIT Very small breed dogs are prone to constipation. A balanced
intake of fibres (including psyllium) helps facilitate intestinal transit and
contributes to good stool quality thanks to highly digestible L.I.P. proteins.

URINARY TRACT HEALTH Helps support a healthy urinary system in very small breed

DENTAL HEALTH Helps reduce tartar formation thanks to the chelation agents in

This small-sized kibble has been developed to be perfectly adapted to the
miniature jaw of dogs under 4 kg. Its exclusive formula also helps stimulate
fussy appetites in very small breed dogs.

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